List Of European Festivals

Snow Festival - Kiruna, Sweden - Late February

In the snowy north as reindeers race and dog sleds drift, artists sculpt ice into fantasy forms in the whitest festival of them all.

Waitangi Day Pub Crawl - London, England - February 6th
There are loads of Kiwis in London and they all come out to do the Circle Line pub crawl on their national day. The tube lines are packed, and the festivities end at Westminster for a massive Haka!

Venice Carnival - Venice, Italy - Mid February
The Venice Carnival is the most internationally known festival celebrated in Venice. Masks and gorgeous costumes hit the canals every February in complete anonymity.

Viareggio Carnival - Viareggio, Italy - February
Famous for it's huge, mechanical floats, this carnival holds parades on each Sunday in February.

Ronciglione Carnival - Ronciglione, Italy - Mid February
Famous for its nasi rossi (red noses), locals who force feed onlookers pasta, and riderless horses, this carnival is definitely unique!

Ivria Carnival - Ivrea, Italy - February (the three days before Ash Wednesday)
If you don't mind being pelted in the head by a stray orange or two, this is the festival for you! Participants ride horse-drawn carts and hurl oranges at one another. Mayhem!

Sitges Carnival - Sitges, Spain - Mid February
No carnival is complete without a few drag queens and Sitges is the place to find them strutting their stuff amongst the floats and families.

Maastricht Carnival - Maastricht, Netherlands - Mid February
Any silly costume will be fine for this short, boozy carnival amongst Maastricht's many bars.

Fasnacht - Basel, Switzerland - Late February
10,000 drum and piper troupes converge on the city at 4am on a Monday morning and marching by torch through the streets for 24 hours - refuelling in pubs along the way of course.

Las Fallas - Valencia, Spain - March 12th to 19th
European Festivals & EventsLas Fallas is undoubtedly one of the most unique and crazy festivals in Spain. Las Fallas is the festival of fire where giant extremely lifelike figurines made of paper mache, wood and wax are burned on the streets in the middle of a huge feast. Las Fallas is a festival with a strong satirical character and the huge (up to 30 meters) colorful scenes usually depict current events. A wild and explosive festival that will blow your socks off.

St. Patrick's Day - Ireland - March 17th
Paddy's Day parties will spring up all over the country on this national holiday, but Dublin is the centre of it all with the parade and hundreds of pubs.

Oxford vs. Cambridge Boat Race - London, England - Late March
Brave the chilly weather to watch some university students battle it out on the River Thames. The 'Old Ship' pub in Hammersmith is a great place to take it all in - if you don't mind crowds!

The Grand National - Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool, England - Early April

Watch the jockey's fly as their horses leap over bushes for glory in one of the world's most dangerous and prestigious races.

ANZAC Day Service - Gallipoli, Turkey - April 25th
Aussies and Kiwis head in masses to Turkey to pay tribute to their fallen war heroes at this sombre dawn service.

Queen's Day - Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Late April/Early May
Celebrate the Queen's birthday in style getting boozed up and everything else in Amsterdam for this national holiday.

Feria De Abril - Seville, Spain - 1st week of May
A colourful annual street party with Flamenco dancing at the centre of it all.

Cannes Film Festival - Cannes, France - Mid May
Spots the stars at one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world.

Constitution Day - Oslo, Norway - May 17th
Celebrates independence from Denmark, with folk music, parades, entertainment and people in traditional costumes.

Carnival in Aalborg - Aalborg, Denmark - Late May
This small Danish town is home to Northern Europe's largest festival with 30,000 participants giving the spectators a fabulous wave of colour and music.

Chelsea Flower Show - Chelsea, London, England - Late May
Wander around some amazingly posh and well manicured gardens in amazingly posh and well manicured Chelsea, southwest London.

French Open - Paris, France - Late May
One of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments rolls into Roland Garros for two weeks at the end of May.

Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling - Gloucestershire, England - Late May
With a disputed history dating back to at least the 1800s, the annual Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake involves hordes of fearless competitors chasing a weighty 8lb Double Gloucester cheese down a death-defyingly-steep hill. If you're feeling brave and want to win a big cheese, join in!

Tourist Trophy Superbike Races - Isle of Man - Early June
Watch some bikers race around the narrow streets on this tiny island for glory. Then once that's all done, watch biking enthusiasts from around the world have a crack at the course themselves. Guaranteed carnage!

Wimbledon Tennis Championship - London, England - Late June
Southwest London plays host to the world's premier tennis tournament and tickets can be had for those willing to camp out on the second Saturday or those who go after 5pm midweek.

Summer Solstice - Stonehenge, England - June 21st
Midsummer night ritual with all sorts of druids, hippies and new age wackos. Fascinating, especially if the weather is good!

Glastonbury Festival - Glastonbury, England - Late June
As much about the atmosphere as the music, camp for up to five days with thousands of your closest friends and take in three days of great bands - if you're lucky enough to get tickets, that is!

Running of the Bulls - Pamplona, Spain - Early
Gorge yourself on booze with thousands of others during the week long party while trying to avoid being gorged by an angry bull.

Love Parade - Berlin, Germany - Early July
Get off chops and participate in the world's largest dance party in the streets of Berlin. Flash floats and some the of best DJs around will keep things pumping all night.

T in the Park - Kinross, Scotland - July
Pray for good weather for this outdoor weekend music festival which attracts big acts from all over the world.

Newquay Board Masters - Newquay, England - Late July
Chill on the beach in Newquay while taking in England's premier surf competition.

Medieval Festival - Sighisoara, Romania - last weekend of july
A large and colourful event full of drama in a beautiful ancient town in Transylvania.

July Fair - Valencia, Spain - whole month of July
The July Fair is a month of various concerts, theatre, open air cinema, sports events and bullfighting. The final act of the July Fair is the Battle of the Flowers a long parade of enormous and gorgeous floats pulled by horses and filled with Valencians dressed to the theme of the float. The primary condition for all of the floats is that they involve artwork with flowers, and it is truly amazing - some look like they are totally made of flowers, and others actually are.

Medeltidsveckan - Gotland, Sweden - Early August
Celebrate all things medieval with jousting competitions, music, pageants, lectures and any other event you can think of related the dark ages.

La Tomatina - Bunyol, Spain - Last Wednesday of August
Come prepared with goggles and a swimsuit to this giant tomato fight in the plastic-wrapped streets of a tiny village in Southern Spain.

Notting Hill Carnival - London, England - Late August
Not just a movie, also a street party - Europe's largest! Celebrate Caribbean music, dancing and food in the streets of London!

Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Edinburgh, Scotland - Late August
All things artsy and creative spill into the streets of Edinburgh for a few weeks in August for the world's largest arts festival.

Oktoberfest - Munich, Gemany - End September/Early October

Oktoberfest is a 16 days festival where the "liquid gold", among other attractions, is the protagonist. Oktoberfest is one of the most famous events in Germany and the world's largest fair, with some six million people attending every year. Sausages, leiderhosen and beer are plentiful at this Bavarian booze festival with a great party atmosphere and table dancing.

The Belfast Festival - Belfast, Northern Ireland - Late October
The UK's second largest arts festival is held for two weeks to showcase the city's creative spirit.

Valencia Region's Official Holiday & Saint Dionysius' Feast Day - Valencia, Spain - October 9th
October the 9th is Valencia region's official holiday to celebrate the triumphant entrance of Jaime I into the city after defeating the Moors in battle hundreds of years ago. A three hours procession takes place on the streets of Valencia where the locals dress up in the most beautiful festival costumes. October 9th is also the Lovers Day, a local version of Saint Valentine. Read more about Saint Dionysius' Feast Day from Valencia.

Guy Fawkes Nights - England - November 5th
Spot the burning effigies of the English traitor amongst the other fabulous fireworks displays that will be lighting up the skies for weeks.

Christkindlesmarkt - Nuremberg, Germany - Late November
Join millions of shoppers from all over the world and get in the holiday spirit at this month long market selling all things Christmassy.

Cannabis Cup - Amsterdam, The Netherlands - November
Potheads unite for the world's largest marijuana tasting festival in the world. Bring your party hat and some munchies!

Hogmanay - Edinburgh, Scotland - December 31st

Enjoy the largest New Year's street party in the world in a beautiful setting surrounded by crazy kilted Scotsman. Everything from a torchlight procession, a Fire Festival, fireworks, concerts and to much insobriety, in a dark yet strangely light city.

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